MAXXEON WorkStar® 620 Headlamp FAQ

Q. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
A. The WorkStar® 620 warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover the rechargeable batteries or "wear and tear". For warranty issues see Shipping & Returns Policy.

Q. Why are some 620 headlamps blue, while others are red?
A. The 1st Generation WorkStar® 620 had a blue headband. This model was produced from 2014 to May 2016. A number of improvements and innovations were incorporated in the 2nd Generation model, featuring a red headband and red anodized body, starting in May 2016.

Q. Can I buy replacement headbands?
A. Yes, Maxxeon sells replacement 1st Gen blue headbands, click here: Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON .

Q. When should I charge the WorkStar® 620?
A. Recharge at any time. Full discharge is not necessary. To maximize the battery life, do not use or charge the batteries when they are hot, specifically, let the batteries cool down for about 20 minutes before a) recharging, if the light has been used in the HI setting, and b) turning the light ON after recharging.

Q. Can I leave the WorkStar® 620 on charge indefinitely?
A. Warning: Li-ion batteries should never be left charging while unattended. Although the charging turns off when the charging cycle is complete (the indicator LED changes from RED to GREEN), Li-ion cells pack a lot energy and must always be supervised while charging.

Q. Will the WorkStar® 620 turn ON while plugged into the power supply?
A. Yes, but we recommend that you don't.

Q. How many times can I recharge the WorkStar® 620 batteries before they need to be replaced?
A. The batteries may start to lose capacity after about 1000 full charge/discharge cycles.

Q. Can I buy replacement Li-ion batteries?
A. Yes, but not from Maxxeon. The headlamp uses two industry standard "18650" Li-ion cells. These are the most common Li-ion cells and are available from most battery retailers. Maxxeon recommends that you only purchase the highest quality 18650 cells with all the extra safety features. Cells with the extra internal, thermal shut down switch are slightly longer than the less expensive cells without the internal switch. Note: the original cells that came with your WorkStar® 620 were the longer cells with the thermal shut down switch.

Q. Does the WorkStar® 620 1st Gen power supply work on 240 volts?
A. Yes, the power supply works from 100 to 240 VAC and with both 50 and 60 Hz. However, the power supply only has a standard "Type A", two prong plug, so you will need a plug adapter for other pin configurations. Note: the 2nd Gen model charges from a USB port, not a wall charger.

Q. How tough is the WorkStar® 620 Series?
A. The headlamp has a Drop Test rating of 6 ft (2 m).

Q. Is my WorkStar® 620 waterproof?
A. No, the WorkStar® 620 is water resistant, but it should not be immersed in liquids.

Q. Can my WorkStar® 620 be used in hazardous environments?
A. No, the WorkStar® 620 was not designed for hazardous environments.

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