WorkStar® 5000/5200/5400 LUMENATOR®


Note: In some markets, the LUMENATORs® are available as WorkStar® 5001/5201/5401, with the MXN10085 Magnetic Base included in the box.

The WorkStar® 5000/5200/5400 LUMENATORs® are warrantied for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover "wear and tear" or the glass or plastic lens. Using a charger, other than the model supplied with light, will void warranty. The charger MUST BE returned with the light for warranty repairs. Not returning the charger may void the warranty.

For warranty issues see: Shipping & Returns Policy

The glass lens is not covered under the warranty, but it is replaceable. If you drop the light face down on to a hard object, you may damage the glass lens. A replacement glass lens is available for purchase from Maxxeon. Click on the following email link and give us a brief explanation of the problem and we will contact you. You can remove the 6 screws on the lens bezel (be careful with the silicone gasket) and replace the glass lens in a few minutes. Do not return the light to Maxxeon.

The battery pack may be recharged at any time, full discharge is not necessary. Except for the 1st Gen WorkStar® 5000s, LUMENATORs® are eqipped with 3 green LED battery status indicators, which monitor the charge and discharge level of the battery pack.

To maximize battery life, do not use or charge the batteries when they are hot, specifically, let the batteries cool down for about 20 minutes before a) recharging, if the light has been used in the HI setting, and b) turning the light ON after recharging.

Warning: Li-ion batteries should never be left charging while unattended. The charger turns off when the charging cycle is complete (all 3 indicator LEDs are solid green, or for the 1st Gen WorkStar® 5000s, the indicator on the charger changes from red to green), so theoretically a LUMENATOR® can be left on charge indefinitely, however we recommend that you unplug the charger once the charge completes. Li-ion cells pack a lot energy and must always be supervised while charging.

Yes, if the battery has run out, but you still need light, you can run the light while plugged in. However, the charger may only power the light on the "Low" setting, while charging the battery pack, because it is not designed to deliver enough power to operate the light on the "High" setting while charging.

The batteries may start to lose capacity after about 1000 full charge/discharge cycles.

Yes, Maxxeon sells user replaceable battery packs, click here. Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON You can remove the screws on the battery case (be careful with the silicone gasket) and replace the battery pack in a few minutes. Be aware that you will need to reseal the battery connector with silicone (not provided with the battery) to prevent it from jarring loose.

Yes, the power supply works from 100 to 220 VAC and with both 50 and 60 Hz. However, the power supply only has a standard "Type A", two prong plug, so you will need a plug adapter for other pin configurations.

It has an Impact Test rating of IK07, which is 2 J. It has a Drop Test rating of 6 ft (2 m).

Yes, the Ingress Protection rating is IP65, meaning the WorkStar® 5000 Series lights are water proof, when the rubber cover over the charging jack is closed properly. But the design intent is to work outdoors in rain and snow, not to be immersed in liquids. The Ingress Protection rating of IP65 also means that it is dust tight.

No, LUMENATORs® are not designed for hazardous environments.