Note: The WorkStar® 430 replaced the WorkStar® 420 in 2019. This FAQ focuses on the version that is currently for sale, but some of the information is applicable to the discontinued model.

The WorkStar® 430 is warrantied for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover the rechargeable battery or "wear and tear". For warranty issues see: Shipping & Returns Policy

Recharge at any time. Full discharge is not necessary.

Warning: LiPo (Li-ion Polymer) battery should never be left charging while unattended. Although the charging turns off when the charging cycle is complete (when the 420 indicator LED changes from RED to GREEN or when the 430's three GREEN indicator LEDs are on), LiPo cells pack a lot energy and must always be supervised while charging.

The battery may start to lose capacity after about 1000 full charge/discharge cycles.

No and do not dispose of a broken 430 in the trash, please properly recycle the battery.

INSPECTOR MAXX has a Drop Test rating of 6 ft (2 m).

No it is not waterproof. The Ingress Protection rating is IPX3: Not water resistant, do not immerse in liquids.

No, the WorkStar® 430 was not designed for hazardous environments.