MAXXEON WorkStar® 220 and 224 FAQ

Q. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
A. The WorkStar® 220/224 warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover using the batteries or "wear and tear". For warranty issues see Shipping & Returns Policy.

Q. Where can I buy AAAA batteries?
A. AAAA batteries are expensive in local stores, but online they are reasonably priced. They are available from many online battery suppliers and are available for purchase from Maxxeon. Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON

Q. Is the glass lens covered under the one year warranty?
A. No, the glass lens is not covered under the one year warranty. The glass lens is tempered glass, so it is scratch resistant and very durable, but it will crack or break given enough force. Replacement glass lens are available for purchase from Maxxeon and they can be installed by the user. Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON

Q. My switch seems to be broken, how can I tell?
A. First test the batteries, if they are OK then, unscrew the switch. Short the shiny aluminum edge of the body to the negative terminal of the battery with a small screwdriver. If the LED turns on now and it didn't with the switch in place, then the switch is defective. If the LED doesn't turn on, then see the previous Q & A. Replacement switch assemblies are available for purchase from Maxxeon. Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON

Q. Will the LED break or wear out?
A. No, the LED (light emitting diode) is a solid state device that does not "burn out". However, LEDs do get dimmer as they age. If left on continuously, the LED will start to dim after 10 years. The LED will not break in normal use.

Q. How tough is the WorkStar® 220/224?
A. Very tough — the WorkStar® 220/224 will survive a six foot drop onto a concrete floor.

Q. Is my WorkStar® 220/224 waterproof?
A. No, the WorkStar® 220/224 is equipped with rubber O-rings and is water resistant but should not be immersed in liquids.

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