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Welcome to Sons of the Beach. We are a group of men who walk on Whidbey Island and nearby places on Wednesday mornings to get some exercise, explore the area and socialize.

The calendar below summarizes where the Sons of the Beach have walked, as well as where they will be walking. The format is Day-Leader-Location-Number of Walkers and links to maps and photos, etc. SP= State Park. NP = National Park. Click here for Other Summary maps & useful links.

Sons of the Beach Calendar
Month-Year Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Feburary-2021 3-Roger-Kettles-5 Map 10- 17- 24-
Jan-2021 6-Roger-Pacific Rim Institute-6 Map 13-Roger-Long Point-3 Map 22-Roger-Possession Landeslide-11 Map 27-Simon-Saratoga Woods
December-2020 2-Simon-Ebey's Landing-6 Map 9-No Leader 16-Simon-Langley 23-Richard-Trustland Trails Map 30-No Leader
Nov-2020 4-Paul-Last Langley-3 Map 11-Roger-Pt Townsend West-11 Map 18-No Leader 25-No Leader
October-2020 7-Simon-Bowman Bay-10 Map 14-Paul-Langley-9 Map 21-Paul-Langley-6 Map 28-Chuck-Japanese Gulch-8 Map
Sept-2020 2-Dennis-Rhododendron Park-11 Map 9-Roger-Engle Rd to Rhododendron Park-7 Map 16-Simon-Dorothy Cleveland Trail 23-No Leader 30-Roger-Mt Erie-6 Map
August-2020 5-Chuck-Ebey's Landing-9 Map 12-Roger-Hoypus to Ala Spit-11 Map 19-Simon-Glendale-17 Map 26-Paul-Putney Woods-7 Map
July-2020 1-Chuck-Japanese Gulch 8-Paul W-Useless Bay-12 Map 15-Richard-Putney Woods-8 Map 22-Paul-Goss Lake-5 Map 29-Paul-Putney Woods-6 Map
June-2020 3-Chuck-Goose Rock-6 Map 10-Roger-Port Townsend Cappy Trails-9 Map 17-Paul-Langley Roads-6 Map 24-Paul-South Whidbey Community Park-12 Map
May-2020 6-Richard-South Whidbey SP-6 Map 13-Richard-Huckleberry Trails-7 Map 20-Richard-Kettles-7 Map 27-Richard-Hastie Lake Beach-3 Map
April-2020 1-Richard-Trillium-2 Map 8- 15-Richard-Trillium-2 Map 22-Richard-Trillium-2 Map 29-Richard-Whidbey Institute-6 Map
Mar-2020 4-Chuck-Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Erie Map 11-Richard-Saratoga Woods 18-Chuck-South Whidbey Community Park Loop-9 Map 25-Richard-Saratoga Woods-3 Map
Feb-2020 5-JackCrockett Lake-13 Map 12-Dennis-Forbidden Forest Trail-6 Map 19-Lenny-Kettles North-11 Map 26-
Jan-2020 1-No Hike 8-Chuck-Saratoga Woods-14 Map 15-Paul-Trustland Trails-9 Map 22-Bob-Burke Museum-9 29-Chuck-Putney Woods-8 Map
Dec-2019 4-Simon-Brighton Beach-13 Map 11-Bob-Deer Lagoon-14 Map 18-Lenny-Beach View Farm Trail-14 Map 25-No Hike
Nov-2019 6-Chuck-Little Cranberry Lake-7 Map 13-Dennis-Lake to Lake Trail-11 20-Richard-Weowna Beach Park-11 Map 27-Roger-Ft Casey-6 Map SP
October-2019 2-Roger-Port Townsend Cappy Trails-12 Map 9-Paul G-Trillium-14 Map 16-Chuck-Grand Ridge Park Trail-5 Map 23-Paul W-Dugualla SP-12 Map 30-Dennis-Chanterelle Trail-10 Map
Sept-2019 4-Dale-Chain Lakes-6 Map 11-Chuck-Little Si-3 Map 18-Richard-Lord Hill Park-5 Map 25-Chuck-Ginnet Trail-12 Map
August-2019 7-Paul W-Upper Big Quilcene Trail-10 Map 14-Bob-Chain Lakes-10 Map 21-Chuck-Mt. Pilchuk-4 28-John L2-Yellow Aster Butte
July-2019 3-Roger-Alger Alp-8 Map 10-Chuck-Japanese Gulch-7 Map 17-Dennis-Southwest County Park-6 Map 24-Bob-Park Butte 31-Dennis-Skyline Divide-9 Map
June-2019 5-John L2-Lake 22-13 Map 12-Chuck-Oyster Dome-10 Map 19-Dale-Wallace Falls-8 Map 26-Dennis-Greider Lakes-14 Map
May-2019 1-Dennis-Crushing the Viaduct-5 8-Dennis-Ebey's Landing trail building-9 15-Dennis-Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve-11 Map 22-Dennis-Sehome Arboreteum-10 Map 29-Andrew-Farewell-18 Map
April-2019 3-Jack-Sharpe Park 10-Bob-Volunteer Park-14 Map 17-Paul-Brighton Beach-11 24-Paul W-Double Bluff and Useless Bay-12 Map
March-2019 6- No hike 13-Paul-Orca View-10 Map 20-Simon-Langley Loop-13 Map 27-Jack-Hill Rd Loop-12 Map
February-2019 6-Simon-Tommy Thompson Trail-8 Map 13-Paul-Langley 20-Lenny-Cranberry Lake-4 27-Richard-Trustland Trails-7 Map
January-2019 2-Lenny-Pratt/Kettles Loop-15 Map 9-Dennis-RR 80th-20 16-Chuck-Little Mountain-8 Map 23-Paul-Whidbey Institute-12 30-Chuck-Bowman Bay-9 Map
December-2018 5-Andrew-Freeland 12-Richard-Putney Woods 19-Richard-Putney Woods 26-Simon-Brighton beach
November-2018 7-Dennis-McCollum Park 14-Paul-Langely-7 Map 21-Simon-Iron Old Goat Trail 28-Simon-Seattle
October-2018 3-John L2-Scorpion Mountain 10-Paul-Trillium-10 Map 17-Chuck-South Whidbey SP-12 Map 24-Paul-Langley-13 Map 31-Simon-Coupeville-10 Map
September-2018 5-John L2-Yellow Aster Butte 12-Bill-Port Townsend-11 Map 19-PaulW-Goat Lake-8 Map 26-Bob-Colchuck Lake-9 Map
August-2018 1-Bill-Park Butt-10 Map 8-Bill-Ebey's Landing 15-Tim-Chain Lakes-9 Chain Lakes Video   Map 22-Paul-Langley 29-Dennis-Deer Park Trail Map
July-2018 4-Paul-Deer Lagoon-5 Map 11-Dale-Beckler Butte-12 Map 18-Simon-Madrona Way-6 Map 25-Dennis-Deception Creek
June-2018 6-Roger-Alger Alp-3 Map 13-Dale-Near Whistle Lake-14 Map 20-Dale/PaulW-Little Si-11 27-PaulW-Lake 22-10 Map
May-2018 5-Steve T-Falls View-4 Map Dosewallips Falls Map Ranger Hole Trail #824 Map Murhut Falls Map 9-Paul-Tahoma One Drop-14 Map 16-Richard-Japanese Gulch-17 23-Chuck-Margaret's Way-12 Map 30-Dennis-Haybrook Ridge-14 Map
April-2018 4-Paul2-Whidbey Institute 11-John L2-Wallace Falls Map 18-Simon-5 Everett parks+Scuttlebutt Map 25-John L2-Oyster Dome-8 Map
Mar-2018 7-Paul-Edmonds-13 Map 14-Tim-Kettles-13 Map 21-Chuck-Goose Rock-11 Map 28-Paul-Coal Creek-12 Map
Feb-2018 7-Jack-Keystone Hill 14-Tim-Bowman Bay-6 21-Dale-10th Anniversary-15 Map 28-Lenny-Padilla Bay-13 Map
Jan-2018 3-Andrew-Maple Glenn-12 Map 10-Lenny-Hoypus Point 17-Paul-Kettles-8 Map 24-John G-Useless Bay-11 Map 31-Wayne-Coupeville Coast to Coast-16 Map
Dec-2017 6-Bob-Lake Union 13-Simon-Seattle 20-Jack-Fort Casey 27-Tim-Ebey's Landing-14 Map
Nov-2017 1-Chuck-Pass Lake to Tursi Trail-11 Map 8-John L2-Putney Woods-14 Map 15-Paul-Langley-10 Map 22-Richard-Tahoma One Drop-9 Map 29-Richard-Community Park to Mukilteo Coffee Roasters-5 Map
Oct-2017 4-Lenny-Lake Whatcom Trail-8 Map 11-Paul-Trillium Woods 18-No Hike 25-Richard-Whidbey Institute-14 Map
Sept-2017 6-Tim-Chain Lakes-14 Map 13-Richard-Mt Dickerman-10 RBMap CCMap 20-Simon-Japanese Gulch-10 Map 27-Bob-Alpine Lakes-12 CCMap
Aug-2017 2-Lenny-Ebey's Landing-16 Map 9-Paul-Klahhane Ridge-12 Map 16-Tim-Oyster Dome-10 Map 23-Paul-Port Townsend-8 Map 30-Dennis-Scott Paul Trail-11 Map
July-2017 5-Paul-Elwah River-12 Map 12-Richard-Barnes Creek-8 Map 19-Roger-Mt Erie-11 Map 26-Bob-Lake Melakwa-13 Map
June-2017 7-John L2-Wallace Falls-10 Map 14-Dennis-Suiattle River Trail-8 Map 21-Bob-Lake 22 Map 28-Tim-Lake Serene
May-2017 3-Paul-Edmonds-10 10-Andrew-Wahl Rd Loop-17 Map Photo 17-Charles-Dungeness Spit Light House-8 Map Photo Photo 24-Roger-Maxwelton to Scatchet Head Loop-11 Map 31-Simon-Saratoga Woods-8 Map
April-2017 5-Richard-Trustland Trail-7 Map 12-Simon-Greenbank Farms-2 19-Tim-Everett-15 Map 26-Roger-Fidalgo#6-Deception Pass-15 Map
Mar-2017 1-JohnG-Forbes Point, Oak Harbor-17 Map 8-Jack-Crockett Lake-15 Map Photo 15-Paul-Langley-14 22-Paul-Olympic View Park-10 29-Roger-Tahoma One Drop-9 Map
February-2017 1-Tim-Kettles-11 8-Andrew-Earth Sanctuary-15 Map Photo1 Photo2 15-Paul-Seattle Underground Tour-6 22-Chuck-Trillium-11 Map
Jan-2017 4-Roger-Pt Townsend-12 Map 11-Bob-Lake Union-10 Map Photo 18-Chuck-Whidbey Institute-8 Map Photo1 Photo2 25-Coal Creek-Paul-14 Map
December-2016 6-Chuck-Ft Ebey SP-12 Photo 13-Simon-Seattle-14 Map Photo1 Photo2 20-Steve P-Coupeville-16 Map Photo 27-Paul-South Whidbey SP-19 Map Photo
Nov-2016 2-Chuck-Camano-10 Map 9-Jack-Ebey's Bluff/New Loop-12 Map 16-Bob-Discovery Park-12 Map 23-Simon-Langley-13 Map Photo 30-Andrew-Freeland-9 Map
October-2016 5-JohnL2-Lord Hill Regional Park-? 12-Richard-Pilchuck-5 19-Roger-Kukutali Preserve-6 Map La Conner Map 26-Dale-Hoypus Hill-10 Map
Sept-2016 7-Richard-Ft Worden-11 Map 14-Roger-Ptarmigan Ridge-11 Map 21-Roger-Kettles-15 Map 28-Richard-Fragrance Lake-6 Map
August-2016 3-Bob-Snow Lake-? 10-JohnL2-Klahhane Ridge-13 Map 17-JohnG-Chain Lakes-12 Map 24-Roger-Mt Townsend-10 Map 31-Richard-Langley Trails-11
July-2016 6-John-Lake Serene-? 13-Roger-Fidalgo#5-Mt Erie-13 Map 20-Paul-Dugualla State Park-7 27-John-Cascade Pass-9
June-2016 1-Simon-Goose Rock-13 8-Dale-Wallace-10 15-Tim-Kettles-5 22-Paul-Glass Beach-14 29-Dale-Beckler Butte-11
May-2016 4-Richard-Mutiny Bay to Double Bluff-12 11-Bob-Queen Anne Hill-13 18-Paul-Cougar Mountain-6 25-Roger-Fidalgo#4-Cranberry Lake-12 Map
Apr-2016 6-Richard-Langley-14 13-Bob-Arboretum-7 20-Roger-Fidalgo#3-Guemes Island-15 Map 27-Richard-Big Gulch-?
Mar-2016 2-Paul-Kettles-13 9-Wayne-Freeland-13 16-Richard-Trillium Woods-12 23-Paul-Meadowdale Park+Southwest County Park-10 30-Roger-Fidalgo#2-Cap Sante-15 Map
Feb-2016 3-JohnL2-Sharpe's Park-12 Map 10-Richard-Washington Park-16 Map 17-Paul-MapleGlen-11 24-Roger-Fidalgo#1 March Pt-10 Map
Jan-2016 6-George-Possession Point SP-15 Map 13-Paul-Langley 20-Paul-Whidbey Institute-10 Map 27-Paul-Brighton Beach-10 Map
Dec-2015 2-Roger-Forbes Point-13 Map 9-Paul-Langley-8 16-Simon-Langley-18 Map 23-Paul-Boeing Future of Flight-9 30-Richard-Japanese Gulch-13 Map
Nov-2015 4-Dennis-Sol Duc Falls-7 11-Paul-Trillium-12 18-Richard-Dorothy Cleveland Trail-11 25-Brighton Beach-9
Oct-2015 7-Cancelled 14-Bob-Fremont Brewing Loop-12 Map 21-Paul-Ebeys Landing-13 Map 28-Dennis-Anderson Lake-8
Sept-2015 2-Paul-Saratoga Woods-5 9-Tim-Bowman Bay-8 16-Paul-S Whidbey SP-7 Map 23-Paul-Chain Lakes-10 Map 30-Paul-Goose Rock-10
Aug-2015 5-Paul-Lower Big Quilcene-10 12-John-Cascade Pass-10 19-Bob-Lake Lillian, Rampart Ridge-9 Map 26-Paul-Little Round Top
July-2015 1-Paul-Dugualla State Park-12 Map 8-Roger-Hemlock Trail-12 Map 15-Richard-Putney Woods-7 22-Richard-Soaring Eagle Park-10 Map 29-Paul-Hurricane Ridge-9
Jun-2015 3-Rained out 10-Paul-Snow Lake-7 17-Paul-Whistle Lake and Mt. Erie-12 Map 24-Paul-Lake Crescent-13
May-2015 6-Lenny-Ft Casey SP to Libbey Rd Map 13-Bob-Cougar Mtn-8 Map 20-Paul-Rock Trail-7 27-Roger-Lopez Island-13 Chadwick Hill Pt Colville Lopez Hill
Apr-2015 1-Ralph-Ledgewood-13 Map 8-Paul-Lake 22-9 15-John L2-Wallace Falls-12 22-Richard-Libbey Beach to Swantown-13 Map 29-Richard-Mt Blanchard and Oyster Dome-11 Map
Mar-2015 4-Roger-Centennial Trail: Haller Park to Nakashima Farm-11 Map 11-John-Coupeville-12 Map 18-Paul-Freeland-8 Map 25-Robert-S Whidbey Community Park-
Feb-2015 4-Roger-Centennial Trail: Getchell to Armar Rd-13 Map 11-Paul-Kettles-18 Map 18-Roger-Centennial Trail: Armar Rd to Haller Park-12 Map 25-Roger-Larry Scott Trail, PT-15 Map
Jan-2015 7-Roger-Centennial Trail: Snohomish to Lake Stevens-16 Map 14-Paul-Tahoma One Drop-11 Map 21-Roger-Centennial Trail: Lake Stevens to Getchell-14 Map 28-Paul-Trillium Woods-14 Map
Dec-2014 3-Ralph-Greenbank-11 10-Paul-Howarth Park & Forest Park-11 Map 17-Simon-Brighton Beach-18 Map 24-No walk 31-Roger-Ebeys Landing-11 Map
Nov-2014 5-Richard-Japanese Gulch-9 12-Roger-Ft Worden-12 Map 19-Dennis-Pine & Cedar Lakes-7 Map 26-Roger-Rhodendron Park-14 Map
Oct-2014 1-Roger-Rock Trail Larrabee SP-5 Map 8-Paul-Trillium Woods-9
Dennis-Walt Bailey trail Map
15-Paul-Langley 22-Paul-S Whidbey SP-12 Map 29-John S-Bowman Bay-Rosario Head-12 Map
Sept-2014 3-John-Mt Sawyer-8 10-Paul-Perry Creek-8 17-Paul-Iron Goat Trail-9 24-Roger-Putney Woods-6 Map
August-2014 6-Twin Falls State Park 13-Paul-Rained out 20-Paul-Goat Lake 27-Paul-Grandview-6
July-2014 2-Paul-Elwah River-12 Map 9-Paul-Baby Island to Langley-14 16-Paul-Lake 22-8 23-Paul-Admiralty Inlet Preserve-   22-Dennis-Kendalls Katwalk Map 30-Dale-Annette Lake 29-Dennis-Park Butte
June-2014 4-Roger-Lopez Island-10 Chadwick Hill Map Iceberg Pt Map Shark Reef Map 11-Wayne-Cross Island-   8-Dennis-Mt Washington Map 18-Roger-Mt Erie-11 Map 25-Bob-Tiger Mtn-4 Map
May-2014 7-Roger-Electric Boat Lake Union-10 Walk Boat 14-Roger-S Whidbey SP to Trillium-11 Map 21-Richard-Ebey's Landing-16 28-Dennis-Cougar Mtn-14 Map
April-2014 2-Roger-Double Bluff-12 Map 9-Bob-Discovery Park-13 Map 16-Roger-Possession Point-6 No Map 23-Richard-Pacific Rim-14 Map 30-Richard-Tolt MacDonald Park
March-2014 5-Paul-Langley 12-Dennis-Burke Gilman Trail-Matthews Beach to Fremont-9 Map 19-Paul-Clinton-9 Map 26-Roger-Kettles-11 Map
February-2014 5-Roger-March's Point to Swinomish Casino-6 Map 12-John-Whidbey Institute-11 19-Paul-Saratoga Woods-10 26-Bob-Queen Anne's Hill-12
January-2014 1-no walk 8-Richard-Tahoma One Drop Monastery-12 Map 15-Roger-Deception Pass 2 Lake Erie-12 Map 22-Roger-Lake Erie to Cranberry Lake-11 Map 29-Roger-Cranberry L to March's Point-13 Map
December-2013 4-Roger-Oak Harbor-13 Map 11-Richard-SWhidby SP-15 Map 18-Paul-Snoqualmie Falls-7 Map 25-no walk
November-2013 6-Paul-Langley 13-Dennis-Seward Park-8 Map 20-Roger-Heart Lake-10 Map 27-Paul-Putney Woods-11 Map
October-2013 2-Dennis-Iron Goat Trail-5 Map 9-Richard-St Edward SP-11 Map 16-Paul-Segway Seattle-7 Map Photo 23-Dennis-Heather Lake-10 Map 30-Dennis-Little Si-9 Lenny's Photos
September-2013 4-Bob-Rachel Lake-9 Map Lenny's Photos 11-Dennis-Cascade Pass-6 Map Lenny's Photos 18-Roger-Goose Rock-10 Map 25-Dennis-Japanese Gulch-12 Map
August-2013 7-Dennis-Mt Townsend-7 Map 14-Bill-Mt Baker, Ptarmigan Ridge-4 Map 21-Dennis-Mt Si-5 Map 28-Bob-Snow Lake-8 Map Lenny's Photos
July-2013 3-No walk 10-Paul-Lake 22-14 Map 17-Dennis-Mt Sawyer-13 Map 24-Bill-Klahhane Ridge-14 Map Lenny's Photos 30-Roger-Mt Erie-10 Map
June-2013 5-Roger-Langley to Clinton Ferry-14 Map 12-Paul-Middle Fork Snoqualmie-9 Map 19-Richard-Kettles 24-Roger-Possession Pt Loop and Cultus Bay Crossing-15 26-Dennis-Blue Mountain-6
May-2013 1-Dennis-Lime Kiln Trail-9 Map 8-Roger-Cornet Bay to Dugualia Bay-10 Map 15-Dennis-Lord Hill Regional Park-8 Map 22-Dennis-Spencer Island-10 Map
24-Roger-Scatchet Head to Sunlight Beach-6 Map
29-Paul-Boulder Creek-4
April-2013 3-Dennis-Burke Gilman - Dave Wilmot Park to Tracey Owens Log Boom Park-10 Map 10-Cancelled due to weather 17-Roger-Admirals Cove to Ledgewood Slide to Lake Hancock-18 Map 24-Roger-Clinton Ferry to Possession Park-11 Map
March-2013 6-Bob-Queen Anne-11 Map 13-Paul-Langley-8 Map 20-Paul-Langley-3 27-John-La Conner-10 Map
February-2013 6-Dennis-Sammamish River Trail from Marymoor Park to Woodinville-8 13-Roger-Useless Bay to Millman Rd-8 Map 20-Jack-Crockett Lake-13 Map 27-Wayne-UW Campus-10
January-2013 2-Paul-D Cleveland & Hammonds Preserve-12 MapDC MapHP 9-Richard-SW Communinty Park-6 16-Paul-Tahoma Zen Monastery-14 Map 23-Dennis-Burke Gilman - Matthews Beach to Tracey Owens Log Boom Park-7 Map 30-Dennis-Centennial Trail between Lake Stevens and Marysville-9
December-2012 5-John-Ebey Bowl-16 Map 12-Dennis-Seattle-10 19-Paul-Langley 26-Roger-Freeland-6 Map
November-2012 7-Simon-Brighton Beach-12 Map 14-Paul-Putney Woods-9 Map 21-Dale-Whidbey Institute-12 28-Simon-Langely Loop-11 Map
October-2012 3-Dennis-Discovery Park-8 Map L's Photos 10-Paul-Elwha River-14 Map L's Photos 17-Dennis-Howarth Park-9 Howarth Marina 24-Richard-Little Mountain-5 Map 31-Roger-Deception Pass SP-5 Map
September-2012 5-Paul-Goat Lake-9 Map Lenny's Photos 5-Dennis-Hurricane Ridge-13 Map Lenny's Photos 19-Dennis-Mt Walker-9 Map 26-Bill-Chain Lake Trail, Mount Baker-8 Map Lenny's Photos
August-2012 1-Bill-Monte Cristo-9 Map 8-Roger-Naked Man Trail-12 Map 15-Roger-Guemes Island-12 Map 22-Roger-Kettles-8 Map 29-Paul-Lake Serene-9 Map Lenny's Photos
July-2012 4-No walk 11-Paul-Lake 22-12 Map 18-Richard-Washington Park-4 25-John-Tubal Cain Mine & B-17 Plane Crash-12 Map
June-2012 6-Roger-NAS runway to Cornet Bay-10 Map 13-John-Alki Beach-6 Map 20-Roger-Useless Bay and Deer Lagoon-14 Map 27-Paul-Lower Big Quilcene-9 Map
May-2012 2-Richard-Tahoma One Drop Monastery-16 Map 9-Roger-Hastie Lake Rd to Swantown-11 Map 16-Roger-Big Gulch/GoKarts-8 Map 23-Roger-Rocky Point to NAS runway-10 Map 30-John-Holmes Harbor Golf Course
April-2012 4-Paul-Harry Case's Forever Forest 11-Simon-Forest Park, Everett-7 Map 18-Roger-Keystone to Ebey's Landing-9 Map 25-Roger-Ebey's Landing to Hastie Lake Rd-6 Map
March-2012 7-Wayne-Tommy Thompson Trail-12 Map 14-Richard-Saratoga Woods-4 21-Paul-Trustland Trails/WI Distillery-11 28-Dennis-Magnuson Park, Seattle-7 Map
February-2012 1-Richard-Sammamish River Trail, Bothell-9 Map 8-Paul-Clinton shores-5 15-Paul-Ft Ebey SP-10 Map 22-Ray-South Whidbey Community Park-6 29-Grant-Trillium Community Forest-13 Map
January-2012 4-Dennis-Discovery Park, Seattle-7 11-Dennis-Paradise Valley Conservation Area, Woodinville-6 Map Photo 18-Canceled due to snow 25-Paul-Langley-10
December-2011 7-Paul-Holmes Harbor Golf Course-9 Map 14-Richard-Big Gulch/Meadowdale Park-4 BGMap MPMap 21-John-Centennial Trail in Snohomish-8 Map 28-Paul-Coles Rd-9
November-2011 2-Paul-Putney Woods-11 9-Richard-Whidbey Institute-8 Map 16-Richard-Greenbank Farm-7 Canceled due to wind 30-Dennis-Japanese Gulch Trail Map-9 Map
October-2011 5-John-Kettles/Fort Ebey SP-7 Map 12-Paul-Trillium Community Forest-6 Map 19-Dennis-Green Lake-7 Map 26-Earl-Arboritum-8 Lenny's Photos
September-2011 7-Jim Walker-Sauk Mt-8 Map Photos Lenny's Photos 14-Paul-Lake Crescent-4 21-Grant-Hoypus Hill from Ducken-6 Map 28-Paul-Little Cranberry Lake-7
August-2011 3-Dennis-Lake Serene-4 Map Photos 9-Roger-Mt Blanchard-4 Map Photos
10-Paul-Talapus Lake-3
16-Earl-Perry Creek-4 Map Photos
17-Paul-Mt Erie-6
24-Earl-Mt Pilchuck-4 Map Photos 31-Richard-Ft Flagler-6 Map Photos
July-2011 6-Paul-Penn Cove to Oak Harbor-7 13-Dennis-Possession Point-6 Map 20-Simon-Lake 22-10 Map Lenny's Photos 27-Dennis-Goat Lake-4 Map Photos
27-Paul-Cross Island @ Coupeville-7
June-2011 1-Roger-Ledgewood to Lake Hancock-9 Map 8-Skip-Ballard-7 Map 15-Roger-Ledgewood to Keystone Ferry-14 Map 22-Richard-Lake Samish Park-6 Map 29-Richard-Putney Woods
May-2011 4-Roger-Bush Point to Lagoon Point-13 Map 11-Paul-Langley 18-Roger-Lagoon Point to Lake Hancock-9 Map 25-Roger-Lagoon Point-5 Map
April-2011 6-Richard-Double Bluff to Mutiny Bay-8 Map 13-Keith-Freeland-7 Map 20-Paul-Mutiny Bay to Bush Point-9 Map 27-Roger-Au Sable/Pacific Rim-7 Map
March-2011 2-Paul-Saratoga Woods-5 9-Paul-S. Whidbey Community Park-7 16-Paul-Langley-8 23-Skip-Trustland Loop-15 Map 30-Paul-Hammonds Preserve-8
February-2011 2-Paul-Brighton Beach-11 Map 9-Paul-North Bluff Rd-12 Map 16-Paul-Putney Woods-9 Map 23-Richard-Kettles in the snow-7 Map
January-2011 5-Richard-Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery-13 Map 12-John-South Whidbey SP-12 Map 19-Paul-Lake Union-9 Map 26-Richard-Kettles and
Ft Ebey SP-10 Map
December-2010 1-Paul-Langley-12 Map 8-Grant-Trillium Woods-8 15-Roger-Whidbey Institute-5 22-John B.-John's Secret Freeland Loop-15 Map 29-Paul-Langley-6
November-2010 3-Richard-Hoypus Hill-6 10-Paul-Langley Loop-7 Map 17-Canceled due to wind 21-Canceled due to snow 30-Paul-Langley Map
October-2010 6-Roger-West Beach-8 Map 13-Paul-Naked Man Valley and Beyond-9 Map/Photos 20-Wayne-Cross Island @ Coupeville-9
September-2010 1-Wayne-Pt Townsend - An Officer & a Gentleman Walk-4 Map/Photos AOAG Tour 8-Roger-Sharpe Park & Rosario Head-5 SP Map RH Map 15-Carl-Monte Cristo-7 Map/Photos Map/Photos LCPhotos 22-Paul-Dugualla SP-9 Map 29-Paul-Langley Rd to Bayview Rd aka 5 Road Hike-8
August-2010 4-Roger-Mt Blanchard-6 Map LCPhotos 11-Keith-Rocky Point-4 Map 18-Paul-Lake Dorothy-4 Map LCPhotos 25-Keith-Mt Erie-4 Map/Photos
July-2010 7-Paul-North Penn Cove Rd to Scenic Heights-8 Map/Photos 14-Paul-Lake 22-6 Map 21-Paul-Double Bluff: Mutiny Bay to Useless Bay-6 Map 28-Paul-Boulder Creek-4 Map
June-2010 2-George-Possession Point-8 9-Wayne-Ebey's Landing to Libby Rd-6 Map 16-Wayne-Goose Rock & Pass Island, Dec Pass SP-7 Map 23-Wayne-Lake Crescent, Olympic NP-4 Map 30-Paul-Wallace Falls SP-9 Map
May-2010 5-Paul-Madrona Way-5 Map 12-Lenny-Joseph Whidbey SP-9 Map 19-Paul-Holmes Harbor Golf Course-6 Map 26-Richard-Little Cranberry Lake-4 Map
Apr-2010 7-Paul-Trustland Trails-4 14-Paul-Hammonds Preserve work party-7 21-Roger-Ft Ebey SP-5 Map 28-Paul-Putney Woods and Metcalf Trust-7 Map
Mar-2010 3-Paul-Saratoga to Putney to Metcalf-7 Map 10-Paul-Community Park-? 17-Paul-Holmes Harbor Golf Course-4 24-Paul-South Whidbey SP-5 Map 31-Roger-Pass Lake & Naked Man Valley, Dec Pass SP-5 Map
Feb-2010 3-Paul-Brighton Beach to Wilkinson Rd to Bob Galbraith Rd-8 Photos Map 10-Paul-Lake Union-10 Map Photos 17-Roger-Camp Casey-8 Photos Map 24-Paul-Saratoga Woods-7 Map
Jan-2010 6-Paul-Greenbank Farm-13 13-Paul-Crawford Rd to Bayview Rd-11 20-Wayne-Kettles-10 Map 27-George-Bowman Bay, Deception Pass SP-8 Map
Dec-2009 2-Paul-Au Sable Institute-8 9-Paul-Langley Loop-6 19-No walk 23-Paul-Community Park-4 30-Paul-Walk around Freeland-4
Nov-2009 5-Paul-Trillium Trails-5 12-Paul-Four mile Langley Loop-6 19-No walk 26-Paul-Saratoga Woods-4
Oct-2009 5-Paul-Lower Big Quilcene River-3 12-Paul-Trustland Trails from the House of Prayer-6 19-Paul-Wilkinson Rd to Brighton Beach-3 26-Paul-South Whidbey SP beach & Wilbert Trail-4
Sep-2009 2-Paul-Snow Lake-3 9-Paul- N&W Beaches Deception Pass SP-4 16-Paul-UW Arboretum to Lake Union-4 23-Paul-Lake 22-5 30-Paul-Langley loop-7
Aug-2009 5-Paul-Fragrance Lake in Larabee SP-3 12-Paul-Sharpe SP & Heart Lake-5 19-Paul-Ebey's Landing to Libbey Rd-5 26-Paul-Bus to Admirals Cove walk to Keystone-6
July-2009 1-Paul-Upper Dungeness River-4 8-Paul-Dugualla State Park-7 15-Paul-Ashland Lakes near Mt. Pilchuck-5 22-Paul-Monroe Landing to Oak Harbor-5 29-No walk - too hot!
Jun-2009 3-Jon-Maxwelton Beach to Scatchet Head to Maple Point return on tidelands-7 10-Paul-Port Townsend: Spruce Railroad Trail on Crescent Lake-8 17-Paul-Little Cranberry Lake & Washington Park-5 24-Paul-Clinton Ferry to Langley via tidelands-10
May-2009 6-Paul-Deer Lagoon to Double Bluff-8 13-Carl-Whistle Lake-4 20-No walk 28-Paul-Bus to Penn Cove Rd walk to Oak Harbor-7
Apr-2009 1-Paul-Langley-6 8-Paul-Ft Casey to Naas Preserve-6 15-Paul-Possession Pt-9 22-Paul-Coupeville-8 29-No walk
Mar-2009 4-Paul-Coles Rd-5 11-Paul-Greenbank Farm-6 18-Paul-Langley Loop-11 25-Paul-Saratoga Woods-5
Feb-2009 4-Paul-Bus to Ebey's-4 11-Paul-Putney Woods-7 18-Paul-Cresent Harbor-6 25-Paul-Whidbey Institute-5
Jan-2009 7-Paul-Langley-8 14-Paul-Bus to Coupeville-8 21-Paul-Brighton Beach loop-8 28-Paul-Freeland loop-4

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For reference: Meet Feet Whidbey Island Saturday Walking Group

Most of the places we walked in 2012

SOTB Summary Map

Most of the places we walked in 2011

SOTB Summary Map

Most of the places we walked in 2010

SOTB Summary Map