Information for MAXXEON Distributors

This page provides the information Distributors require to contact and place orders with Maxxeon.

Purchase Orders - Preferred Method

To email a purchase order to Maxxeon, send a PDF to:

Purchase Orders - Acceptable Method

To fax a purchase order to Maxxeon, use this number:  (519) 620-2011

Invoice Enquiries

To email the Accounting Dept, send an email to:

To speak to the Accounting Dept, phone this number:  (877) 621-0005 [Weekdays 9am to 6pm Eastern]

Invoice Payment - Preferred Method

To make arrangements to electronically transfer funds to Maxxeon, send an email to:

Invoice Payment - Acceptable Method

To mail checks to Maxxeon, use this address:

Accounts Receivable
Maxxeon Inc.
PO Box 519
Valley City, OH 44280