Meet Feet Calendar

Welcome to Meet Feet. We are a voluntary group that walks on Whidbey Island and nearby places on Saturdays from 10am to noon, to get some exercise, explore the area and socialize. To be added to the mailing list, email us at or phone Richard at 360-321-0596.

The calendar below summarizes where Meet Feet has walked, as well as where they will be walking. Hikers arriving for each hike will work out details of the hike including route, exertion level & safety procedures for the group. Links in the calendar connect to a map or photos for that walk. SP= State Park. NP = National Park. Click for useful links.

Meet Feet Calendar
Month-Year Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
February-2021 6-Kettles-Roger Map 13 20 27
Jan-2021 2-Roger-Pacific Rim Institute Map 9-Tim L-Tommy Thompson Trail Map 16-Joy-Oak Harbor Map 23-Judy-Long Pt /Sculpture Park Map 30-Joy-Oak Harbor Map
December-2020 5-Hoypus Pt-Tim L Map 12-Engle Rd-Joy Map 19-Saratoga Woods-Cathy/Heather Map 26-Richard-Trustland Trails Map
Nov-2020 7-Whidbey Institute-Heather/Tim 14-No Leader 21-Pt Townsend-Roger Map 28-No Leader
October-2020 3-Kettles-Rob Map 10-Ft Casey SP-Joy Map 17-No Leader 24-Ebey's Landing-Cathy/Gable Map 31-Coupeville Halloween-CathyMap
Sept-2020 5-Pass Lake-Barbara Map 12-Too smokey 20-Engle Rd-Roger Map 26-Trillium-Rob Map
August-2020 1-Ebey's Landing-Cathy/Gable Map 8-Hoypus Trail-Rob Map 15-Beverly Beach-Linda Map 22-South Whidbey SP-Rob Map 29-Dugualla SP-Judy/Joy Map
July-2020 4-Mutiny Bay-Roger Map 11-Putney Woods-Richard Map 18-Ft Ebey SP-Gable/Cathy Map 25-Pt Townsend-Roger Map
June-2020 6-Rocky Point Low Tide-Joy/Judy Map 13-Deer Lagoon-Roger Map 20-West Beach Swan Lake Overview-Joy/Judy Map 27-Trillium-Rob
May-2020 2-Cancelled 9-Rhododendron Park-Roger Map 16-Kettles-Roger Map 23-Maxwelton Beach-Roger Map 30-Greenbank Farm-Roger Map
Apr-2020 4-Cancelled Maple Glenn-Tracy 11-Cancelled Ft Ebey SP- Paul 18-Cancelled Port Townsend-Roger 25-Cancelled-Tim
Mar-2020 7-South Whidbey SP-Linda 14-Rosario-Bowman Bay-Judy 21-Cancelled PT Historic Walk-Tracy 28-Cancelled Little Cranberry Lake-Richard
Feb-2020 1-The Spheres-Linda 8-Trustland Trails-Richard Map 15-Kettles Juggernaut-Roger Map 22-Trillium-Tracy Map 29-Kettles North-Roger Map
Jan-2020 4-Oak Harbor-Joy Map 11-Whidbey Institute-Roger Map 18-Pacific Rim Institute-Roger Map 25-Padilla Dikes-Joanne Map
Dec-2019 7-Padilla Dikes-Joanne 14-Holiday Party-Planning-Judy Map 21-Kettles-Roger Map 28-Prairie Wayside Trail-Tracy Map
Nov-2019 2-Little Cranberry Lake-Richard 9-Tahoma One Drop-Richard 16-Pass Lake-Barbara 23-Secret Hike + Potluck-Joan 30-Hoypus Hill-Tim Map
Oct-2019 5-PT Kinetic Races-Judy 12-Mt Erie-Tim Map 19-Saratoga Woods-Lacey 26-Coupeville Halloween-Tracy
Sept-2019 7-Huckleberry Walk-Tim Map 14-Double Bluff-Richard 21-Lopez Island-Roger Iceberg Pt Pt Colville Watmough Bay Shark Reef 28-Langley Historical Walking Tour-Tracey Map
Aug-2019 3-Baby Island-Lacey 10-Farm Tour-Tracy 17-Tursi Trail-Barbara 24-Port Townsend-Roger Map 31-Rocky Point-Tim Map
July-2019 6-Mutiny Bay-Roger 13-Beverly Beach to Freeland-Linda 20-Jetty Island-Joanne Map 27-Camp Casey-Caroline
June-2019 1-Beverly Beach/Meet Greet Potluck-Linda Map 8-Bowman Bay Native American Festival-Judy Map 15-Greenbank-Tracy 22-South Whidbey-Richard Map 29-La Conner-Judy Map
May-2019 4-Big Cedar Trail-Lacey Map 11-Trillium-Sallie Map 18-Goose Rock-Barbara Map 25-Roger-Ledgewood Map
April-2019 6-Rocky Point-Tracy 13-Ebey's Landing-Judy 20-Bowman Bay-Jane 27-Rhododendron County Park-Tracy
March-2019 2-Oak Harbor Airport-Tracy (Musselfest) 9-No walk 16-Kettles Juggernaut-Roger Map 23-PT Larry Scott Trail-Roger Map 30-Japanese Gulch- Richard
February-2019 2-Saratoga Woods-Tim Map 9-Cancelled due to snow 16-Kettles-Roger Map 23-Trustland Trails-Richard Map
January-2019 5-Padilla Bay-Tim Map 12-Tommy Thompson Trail-Tim Map 19-Kettles new bike trail-Richard Map 26-Mapleglen and Freeland Watershed Park-Tracy
December-2018 1-Judy-HolidayParty/Planning Meeting Map 8-Richard-Tahoma One Drop 15-Tracy-PT Victorian or local 22-Caroline-South Whidbey SP 29-Cancelled
November-2018 3-Caroline- 10-Tim-Hoypus Map 17-Sallie-Pacific Rim 24-Roger-Whidbey Institute Map
October-2018 6-Tracy-PT Kinetic Sculpture 13-Roger-Mt Erie Map 20-Sallie-Bush Point area 27-Tracy-Coupeville Halloween
September-2018 1-Tim/Kate-Huckleberry/Planning Map 8-Judy-Volksmarch Ft Casey Map 15-Roger-Big Gulch Map 22-Lacey-Fox Spit Rd Map 29-Joy- Little Cranberry Lake area
August-2018 4-Lacey-S Whidbey Community Park Map 11-Joanne-Coupeville Arts Festival Map 18-Joanne-Port Townsend Market Map 25-Tracy-Camano Island Potluck Map
July-2018 7-Tracy-Dorothy Cleveland 14-Lacey/Linda-Baby Island/Planning Meeting Map 21-Judy- Joseph Whidbey SP 28-Roger-Double Bluff to Mutiny Bay Map
June-2018 2-Richard-Partidge Point Map 9-Lori-Putney Woods Map 16-Roger-Goose Rock Map 23-Judy/Lori-Ebey's Landing+Pratt Loop-20 Map 30-Tracy-Guemes Island Map
May-2018 5-Tim-Port Townsend Map 12-Tim-Sharpe Park 19-Joy-Bowman Bay Map 26-Lori-Kettles
Apr-2018 7-Richard-Japanese Gulch 14-Roger-Camp Casey Map 21-Roger-Cloudstone Sculpture Park+Mutiny Bay Map 28-Barbara-Goose Rock
Mar-2018 3-Possession Pt-Richard 10-Kettles-Richard Map 17-Centennial Trail Snohomish-Roger Map 24-Ebey's Landing-Brad 31-Planning Meeting-Richard
Feb-2018 3-Urban Langley-Tim Map 10-Greenbank-Tracy 17-Whidbey Institute-Joanne Map 24-Dugualla State Park-Roger Map
Jan-2018 6-Tommy Thompson-Tim 13-Kukutali Preserve-Joanne Map 20-Trillium-Richard 27-Oak Harbor-Tracy
Dec-2017 2-Christmas Party-Judy Map 9-Little Cranberry Lake-Roger Map 16-PT Parlor Tour-Tracy Map 23-South Whidbey SP-Vickie 30-Goose Rock-Roger Map
Nov-2017 4-Carkeek Park-Vickie 11-Hoypus Trail-Tim Map 18-Padilla Bay-Tim Map 25-Putney Woods-Vickie
Oct-2017 7-PT Kinetic Sculpture Races-Tracy 14-Japanese Gulch-Paul 21-Canceled due to wind 28-Coupeville Halloween-Tracy
Sept-2017 2-Rocky Point to NAS-Roger Map 9-Planning Meeting, Huckleberry Haven-Tim&Kate Map 16-Pacific Rim Institute+Raptor-Tracy Map 23-Naked Man Trail-Paul 30-Ft Ebey SP-Roger Map
Aug-2017 5-Washington Park-Richard Map 12-Ebey Prairie-Joanne Map 19-Whistle Lake-Vickie Map 25F-Stairways Seattle-Vickie
July-2017 1-Saratoga Trails-Richard Map 8-Freeland to Beverly Beach-Linda Map 15-March point to Anacortes via Tommy Thompson-Roger Map 22-Baby Island-Linda/Tracy Map 29-Sharpe Park-Paul Map
June-2017 3-Elwah River Trail-Roger Map 9F-Cranberry Lake-Joy
10-Rhodendron Park-Lori
16F-Dorothy Cleveland Trail-Vickie
17-Putney Woods-Linda
23F-Guemes Island-Tracy
24-Cultus Bay Crossing-Roger Map
May-2017 6-Kettles-Lori 13-Heart Lake-Roger Map 20- 27-Mutiny Bay to Bush Point-Roger Map
Apr-2017 1-Planning Meeting, Scatchet Head-Vickie Map 8-Dugualla SP-Judy Map 15-Upper Dungeness River-Roger Map 22-John Tursi-Nancy/Caroline Map 29-Maxwelton to Scatchet Head-Vickie Map
Mar-2017 4-Coupeville-MusselFest-Richard 11-Fort Ebey SP-Tim and Kate 18-Port Townsend-Tracy 25-Whidbey Institute-Vickie
Feb-2017 2-Saratoga Woods-Richard 11-Big Gulch-Richard 18-Frank's Hoypus-Pete and Tracy Map 25-Murder Mystery Langley-?
Jan-2017 7-Cama Beach SP to Camano SP-Vickie Map 14-Kettles-Richard Map 21-South Whidbey SP-Vickie Map 28-Glendale-Tracy
Dec-2016 3-Bowman Bay-Tim Map 10-Christmas Party/Planning-Judy 17-Kettles-Richard Map 24-Rhododendron Park-Roger Map 31-Skating OH-Judy
Nov-2016 5-Sharpe Park-Tim Map 12-Tahoma One Drop-Richard Map 19-Maylor Point-Roger Map 26-Padilla Bay-Joanne Map
Oct-2016 PT Kinetic Race1-PT Kinetic Race-Joanne 8-Whidbey Institute-Richard 15-Rained out 22-Japanese Gulch-Roger Map 29-Farms Halloween-Tracy Map
Sept-2016 3-Huckleberry Potluck Planning-Kate&Tim Map 10-Brighton Beach-Joanne Map 17-Kite Festival-Susan 24-Fort Worden/Pt Wilson Lighthouse-Tim Map
Aug-2016 6F-Wallace Falls-Rob Map 13S-Goose Rock-Vickie Map 20S-Rocky Point/RV Park-Tracy Map 27-Monroe Landing-Tracy
July-2016 2S-Deer Lagoon/Picnic-Tim 8F-West Beach-Roger 15F-Inter Urban Trail Larrabee-Richard Map 16S-Guemes Island-Tracy 23S-Penn Cove Kayak-Judy 29F-Whistle Lake/Mt Erie-Joy Map
June-2016 4-Maxwelton/Useless Bay-Vickie 11-Dorothy Cleveland/Posession Point-Dennis 18-Pt Townsend/Pt Wilson Lighthouse-Tim 25-Little Cranberry Lake-Joy
May-2016 7-Ala Spit-Richard 14-Spencer Island-Vickie Map 21-Kettles-Joanne Map 28-Putney Woods-Tracy Map
Apr-2016 2-Snoqualmie Falls + Rattlesnake Lake/Ridge-Roger
SF Map RR Map
9-Rocky Point-Frank 16-Planning Meeting-Beverly Beach-Linda 23-Deception Pass Beach-Joanne Map 30-Orcas Island-R&R Obstruction Pass Map Turtleback Map
Mar-2016 5-Joseph Whidbey SP-Judy 12-Coupeville-Judy 19-Tommy Thompson trail, Anacortes-Joanne 26-Trustland Trail-Tracy
Feb-2016 6-Mapleglen and Freeland Watershed Park-Tracy Map 13-Dugualla SP-Tracy Map 20-Larry Scott, PT-Roger Map 27-Japanese Gluch-Richard
Jan-2016 2-Goose Rock-Roger Map 9-Padilla Bay-Joanne Map 16-Putney Woods-Richard Map 23-Forbes Point-Roger 30-Trillium-Tracy Map
Dec-2015 5-Holiday Party/Planning Meeting-Judy Map 12-Ft Ebey SP north-Roger 19-Whidbey Institute-Richard 26-Kettles-Richard
Nov-2015 7-Carkeek Park, Seattle-Vickie 14-S Whidbey Community Park-Richard 21-S Whidbey Community Park-Richard 28-Coupeville/Model Railroad Open House-Tracy
Oct-2015 3-PT Kinetic Sculpture Race-Roger 10-Brighton Beach-Roger Map 17-No walk 24-Rhododendron Park-Roger Map 31-Coupeville-Judy Map
Sept-2015 4-Dugualla-Roger 12-Farm Tour, Wildwood Farm-Tracy Map 19-Iron Goat-Richard Map 26-Barnes Creek-Roger Map
Aug-2015 7-Anacortes new trail+Arts festival-Roger Map 14-Little Round Top-Roger Map 21-Beverly Beach-Linda Map 28-Rob-Hoypus Hill
July-2015 3-Planning Meeting-Putney Woods-Richard Map 10-Guemes Island-Tracy Map 17-Glass Beach PT-Judy Map 24-Kayak PT-Roger Rental 31-Ebeys Landing-Roger Map
Jun-2015 6-Mutiny Bay-Tracy Map 13-Lagoon Pt-Richard Map 20-Kayak Coupeville-Judy 27-Deception Pass Beach South-Roger Map
May-2015 2-Ft Ebey SP-Roger Map 9-Coles Rd-Joan 16-West Beach-Richard Map 23-Cranberry Lake-Richard 30 Manresa Castle, PT-Joanne Map
Apr-2015 4-Maxwelton-Vickie Map 11-Lopez-Vickie Chadwick Hill Pt Colville Spencer Spit 18-Wallace Falls-Richard Map 25-Possession Pt/Dorothy Cleveland-Roger Map
Mar-2015 7-Coupeville Area-Richard 14-Japanese Gulch-Vickie Map 21-Brighton Beach-Roger Map 28-Segway Seattle-Richard Map
Feb-2015 7-Ft Casey to Naas-Roger Map 14-Tahoma One Drop-Richard 21-Rosario Beach-Judy Map 28-Rock Trail/Larrabee SP-Roger Map
Jan-2015 3-Sharpe Park-Roger Map 10-Spencer Island-Richard Map 17-Glendale Hotel-Pat Map 24-South Whidbey SP-Richard 31-Goose Rock-Vickie Map
Dec-2014 6-Oak Harbor parade-late afternoon-Tracy 13-Christmas Party-Tracy Map 20-Hoypus-Frank Map 27-Whidbey Institute-Vickie Map
Nov-2014 1-Oak Harbor-Judy planning meeting Map 8-Carkeek Park, Seattle-Vickie Map 15-Deer Lagoon-Tracy Map 22-S Whidbey Community Park-Richard Map 29-Trustland-Mukilteo Coffee-Roger Map
Oct-2014 4-Tahoma One Drop 11-Saratoga Woods Map 18-Dungeness Spit Map 25-Coupeville Map
Sep-2014 6-Centennial Trail/Lake Stevens Map 13-Port Townsend Lighthouse Map 20-WI Farm Tour Map 27-Chain Lakes/Mt Baker Map
Aug-2014 2-Anacortes Area 9-New Coupeville trail 16-Trillium 23-Ledgewood to Hancock 30-Ebeys Landing
July-2014 5-Whistle Lake Map 12-Baby Island to Langley Map 19-Deception Pas SP to Naked Man Trail Map 26-Clinton Beach Map
June-2014 7-Marrowstone Island Map 14-Rocky Point Map 21-Skagit Airport Map 28-Double Bluff
May-2014 3-Lake Union Electric Boat 10-Planning Meeting-Beverly Beach Map 17-Mutiny Bay/Wahl Rd Map 24-Cranberry Lake Map 31-Ala Spit Map
Apr-2014 5-Volunteer Park Map 12-Au Sable Pacific Rim Map 19-Useless Bay Map 26-Lopez Iceberg Point Map Watmough Bay Map Chadwick Hill Map
Mar-2014 1-Whidbey Institute 8-Ebey's Landing 15-Washington Park Map 22-Earth Sanctuary Map 29-Sharpe Park Map
Feb-2014 1-Putney 8-Kettles Map 15-Little Cranberry Lake Map 22-Burke Gillman Bothell
Jan-2014 4-Langley Map 11-S Whidbey SP Map 18-Padilla Bay Map 25-Hammons Preserve & Sandy Hook Map
Dec-2013 7-Tahoma One Drop & Oliver Lake Map 14-Christmas Party Map 21-Trillium Map 28 Ft Ebey SP Map
Nov-2013 2-Greenbank Farm 9-Centennial Trail Lake Stevens Map 16-Hoypus Trail Map 23-Pt Townsend Map 30-Ledgewood
Oct-2013 5-Rocky Pt Map 12-Goose Rock Map 19-Whidbey Institute Map 26-Coupeville Halloween
Sep-2013 7-Mt Vernon north end of Centennial Trail 14-Green Lake 21-Beverly Beach & Scheduling Meeting 28-Japanese Gulch Map
Aug-2013 3-Tommy Thompson Trail Map 10-Coupeville Map 17-Langley 24-South Whidbey SP Map 31-Ebeys Bowl Map
Jul-2013 6-Baby Island/Langely 13-Cascade Trail near Concrete Map 21-Hat Island Map 27-San Juan Island American Camp Map Lime Kiln SP Map
Jun-2013 1-Kettles Map 8-Beverly Beach Map 15-Naked Man Trail Map 22-Cultus Bay Crossing Map 29-Ft Casey SP and Camp Casey Map
May-2013 4-Meerkerk Gardens 11-Mutiny Bay Map 18-Deer Lagoon 25-Rocky Point Map
Apr-2013 6-Centennial Trail Snohomish Map 13-Brighton Beach Map 20-Bus to Lake Union Map 27-Ledgewood Map
Mar-2013 2-Coupeville Map 9-Hastie Lake to Swantown Map 16-Glass Beach-Port Townsend Map 23-Hoypus Loop Map 30-Meadowdale Map Picnic Pt Map
Feb-2013 2-Trillium Woods Map 9-Holmes Harbor Golf Course Map 16-Putney to Saratoga Woods (E.George) Map 23-Whidbey Institute Map
Jan-2013 5-SW Communinty Park MapCP Langley MapL 12-Useless Bay - Millman Rd Map 19-Putney Woods to Goss Lake Map 26-Greenbank Farm Map
Dec-2012 1-Rhododendron Park Map 8-Goose Rock Deception Pass SP Map 15-Christmas Party Admirals Cove 22-Cedar Hollow Adventure Map 29-Tahoma Zen Monastery Map
Nov-2012 3-Langley School Trails Map 10-Canceled 17-Langley Two Road Walk Map 24-Freeland Mapleglen Loop Map
Oct-2012 6-Saratoga Woods Map 13-Maxwelton to Cultus Bay Map 20-Magnuson Park, Seattle Map 27-Coupeville Halloween Map
Sep-2012 1-Libby Rd to Hastie Lake Rd Map 8-PT Wooden Boat Festival 15-Farm Tour Map 22-Paradise Valley, Woodinville Map 29-Penn Cove Pottery to Oak Harbor Map
Aug-2012 4-Ft Ebby SP Map 11-Long Point to Coupeville Map 18-Little Mountain, Mt Vernon Map 25-Ebeys Landing Map
July-2012 7-Langely Map 14-Ledgewood South Map 21-Rocky Point 28-Mt Constitution Peak Lake Falls
June-2012 2-Bowman Bay Map 9-Whidbey Institute Map 16-Baby Island Picnic 23-Kettles 30-Guemes Island Map
May-2012 5-Bowman Bay and Rosario Head Tidal Pools Map 12-Larrabee SP Map 19-Penn Cove Water Festival Map 26-Rhododendren Park Map
Apr-2012 7-Ala Spit Map 14-La Conner Pioneer Park Map 21-Possesion Point Map 28 South Whidbey SP Map
Mar-2012 3-Coupeville Beach 10-Padilla Shore Trail Map 17-Useless Bay, Deer Lagoon Map 24-Mutiny Bay Map 31-Brighton Beach, Clinton Map
Feb-2012 4-Putney Woods Map 11-Kettles, Ft Ebey SP Map 18-Little Cranberry Lake, Anacortes-Cancelled 25-Camp Casey Map
Jan-2012 7-Sunlight Beach Planning Meeting Map 14-Big Gulch, Mukilteo Map 21-Tahoma One Drop Monastery Map 28-Trillium Map
Dec-2011 3-Mukilteo Japanese Gulch Map 10-Coupeville Map 17-Freeland Christmas Party Map 24-Tahoma One Drop Monastery Map 31-Happy New Year! (no walk)
Nov-2011 5-Rhododendren Park 12-Double Bluff Map 19-Whistle Lake Map 26-Langley Map
Oct-2011 1-Washington Park, Anacortes 8-Ft Ebey SP Bluff Map 15-Langley Sportsplex Map 22-Big Four Ice Caves 29-Whidbey Institute Map
Sep-2011 3-Bowman Bay to Rosario Head 10-PT Wooden Boat Festival 17-Heather Lake Map 24-Trustland Trails
Aug-2011 6-Mt Erie Map 13-Coupeville 20-Cancelled 27-Putney Woods - Planning Meeting
July-2011 2-S Whidbey SP 9-Langely TBD 16-Deception Pass SP to Ault Field Map 23-Sunnyside Cemetery to Ebey's Landing Map 30-NAS Party
June-2011 4-Rocky Point Map 11-Naked Man Trail Map 18-Baby Island Picnic Map 25-Del Fairfax Preserve
May-2011 7-Kettles Map 14-Meerkerk Gardens Map 21-Dorothy Cleveland + Possession Point Map 28-Naas Reserve Map
Apr-2011 2-Maylor's Point, Oak Harbor Map 9-Mariner's Cove Map 16-Holmes Harbor Golf Course Map 23-Trillium Elaine Mapping Map 30-Pt Townsend to Ft Worden SP Map
Mar-2011 5-Coupeville 12-Planning Meeting 19-Pacific Rim
(aka Au Sable) Map
26-Brighton Beach, Clinton
Feb-2011 5-South Whidbey SP 12-Rhododendren Park 19-Washington Park, Anacortes Map 26-Del Fairfax Preserve Map
Jan-2011 1-Happy New Year!
(no walk)
8-Langley 15-Joseph Whidbey SPMap 22-Sunlight Beach Map 29-Trillium Woods Map
Dec-2010 4-Madrona Way, Coupeville Map 11-Christmas Party 18-Port Townsend new ferry Map 25-Merry Christmas! (no walk)
Nov-2010 6-Greenbank Farm 13-Trustland Trails Map 20-Hoypus Trails @ Ducken Rd Map 27-Whidbey Institute Map
Oct-2010 2-Clyde-Dorothy Cleveland Trail Map 9-Teri-Maxwelton Beach Map 16-Richard-Hoypus Hill DP SP Map 23-Richard-Planning Meeting 30-Richard-Fort Casey SP
Sep-2010 4-Judy-Kettles 11-Cancelled 18-Joanne-Rocky Point Beach Map 25-Richard-Saratoga Woods
Aug-2010 7-Roger-Ledgewood to Lake Hancock Map 14-Richard-Trustland Trails 21-Ako-South Whidbey Parks & Recreation District's Woodland Walk 28-Cancelled
Jul-2010 3-Joanne-Port Townsend-Larry Scott Bike Trail Map 10-Diana-Baby Island Map 17-Roger-Possession Point Lookout Map 24-Richard-South Whidbey SP 31-Richard-Little Cranberry Lake
Jun-2010 5-Richard-Trillium Trails 12-Sue & Dick-Annual Meeting/Picnic-Ft Ebey SP Map 19-Richard-Planning Meeting-Putney Woods Map 26-Linda-Holmes Harbor Golf Course
May-2010 1-Linda-Greenbank Farm 8-Betty-Rhoderen Park 15-Elaine-Tilth2Patrick's Studio Map 22-Diana-Langley Volkswalk Map 29-Richard-M Bar C Ranch
Apr-2010 Easter
3-No Walk
10-Donna-Ft Ebey SP Map 17-Ako-Trustland Trails Map 24-Richard-Langley Welcome the Whales
Mar-2010 6-Ann-Coupeville 13-No Leader-Double Bluff 20-Teri-Putney Woods Mistletoe Loop 27-Joanne-Sharpe Park Sares Head Map
Feb-2010 6-Linda-Greenbank Farm 13-Leah-Planning Meeting 20-Donna-Oak Harbor Map 27-Roger-Brighton Beach Map
Jan-2010 2-Betty-Smuggler's Cove Road to Lake Hancock 9-Teri&Gary-Ebey's Landing 16-Beverly-South Whidbey SP 23-Elaine-Cole's Road trail 30-Richard-Putney Woods-Metcalf Trust
Dec-2009 5-Donna-Port Townsend 12-Ann-Christmas Party 19-Judy-Putney Woods 21-Eran-Solstice Gathering
Nov-2009 7-Celeste-Ebey's Landing 14-Ako-Au Sable 21-Roger-Goose Rock Summit DP SP 28-Richard-Little Cranberry Lake, Anacortes
Oct-2009 3-Joanne-Planning Meeting 10-Donna-Naked Man Valley DP SP Map 17-Eran-Greenbank 24-Ann-Apple cider 31-Elaine-Sherman Farm
Sep-2009 5-Eran-South Whidbey SP 12-Sue&Dick-Port Townsend 19-Teri-Putney Woods 26-Judy-Whidbey Institute
Aug-2009 1-Dick&Sandra-Meerkerk Gardens 8-Eran-Metcalf Trust Trail 15-Celeste-Double Bluff 22-Diana-Baby Island 29-Ann-Padilla Bay Shore
July-2009 4-Donna-South Whidbey SP 11-Beverly-Shore Meadows/Bush Point 18-Donna-Crescent Bay 25-Jeanette&Rob-Chocolate Walk
Jun-2009 6-Ako-Earth Sanctuary 13-Joanne-Hoypus Point DP SP Map 20-Annette-Dorothy Cleveland Trail 27-No walk-Garden Tour
May-2009 2-Diana-Seattle Arboretum 9-Linda-Putney Woods Map 16-Elaine-South Whidbey Community Park Map 23-Richard-South Whidbey SP Map 30-Roger-Camp Casey Map
Apr-2009 4-Donna-Pass Lake DP SP 11-No walk 18-Joanne-Fort Ebey SP 25-Beverly-Planning Meeting
Mar-2009 7-Ako-Tahoma One Drop Monastery 14-Eran-Greenbank Farm 21-Donna-Coupeville 28-Joanne-Hoypus Point DP SP
Feb-2009 7-Ann-Padilla Bay 14-Linda-Putney Woods 21-Ann-Goose Rock Loop DP SP 28-Beverly-Ledgewood
Jan-2009 3-Diana-Planning Meeting 10-Donna-West Bank 17-Judy-Port Townsend 24-Pat-Sunlight Beach 31-Richard-Kettles

For reference: TIDES Tide Chart - Sons of the Beach