MAXXEON MAXXBEAM™ WorkStar® 900 Wireless Charging, Zoom Lens, Professional LED Inspection Light

The WorkStar® 900 MAXXBEAM™ light is a competitively priced, commercial grade, rechargeable LED inspection light that produces 1200/600/300 lumens, and runs for 2/4.5/11 hours. It features wireless inductive charging (as well as hardwire USB-C charging) and a 6X zoom lens providing beam sizing from Spot to Flood.


The MAXXEON MAXXBEAM™ WorkStar® 900 is a CYCLOPS on steroids. Bigger, brighter and more features. MAXXBEAM™ offers wireless inductive charging, a 6X zoom lens and a built-in hook — all in a package only slightly larger than the CYCLOPS.

Wireless Charging: The MAXXBEAM™ includes a wireless charging pad that can be permanently mounted with 2 screws to a wall or bench, or it can be attached to a metal workbench with built-in magnets. Place the MAXXBEAM™ on the charging pad after every use and the pad becomes the "home base" for charging and storage.

Zoom Lens: The 5X zoom lens adjusts from flood to spot with just a twist of the bezel, providing the perfect beam width for any task.

Mounting Features: In addition to the handy retractable hook, the WorkStar® 900 also has a handle with a built-in magnet (protective coating included) and a 1/4"-20 tripod socket (see accessories). The handle rotates 360 degrees, with 12 intended positions. The handle can be used as a stand to support and aim the light, while the powerful magnetic base can fasten the light to any ferrous metal surface.

Included: Using the latest Li-ion battery technology, this commercial grade work light includes a 4 ft USB-C cord, 2A USB wall adapter and a wireless charging pad for easy recharging in the shop or on the go.

Accessories: The optional MaxxBar™ turns the MaxxBeam™ into a vehicle hood lamp. The optional octopus tripod can be used as a tripod or a "hook". The optional suction cup can be fastened to glass or other smooth surfaces.


1200 Lumens! While the MAXXBEAM™ Professional LED Inspection Light features 3 brightness settings, the actual number of lumens also depends on the setting of the zoom lens.

Flood beam: High = 1200 lumens for 2 hr, Medium = 600 lm for 4.5 hr and Low = 300 lm for 11 hr.

Spot beam: High= 650 lumens with a beam distance of 500 ft, Medium = 325 lm with a beam distance of 364 ft and Low = 160 lm with a beam distance of 250 ft.

Zoom Lens: The zoom lens allows you to adjust the beam width to best illuminate your work. The WorkStar® 900's zoom adjusts 6X from a huge round floodlight beam with no rings, shadows, or hot spots to an intense spot beam with a long throw.

Charging Time: Four green LEDs work in 25% increments to show the battery level while in use and while charging. Charge time is about 5 hr when directly connected to the USB-C jack in the light and about 9 hr when placed on the wireless charging pad.

Recharge Reminder: A new MAXXBEAM™ feature is called recharge reminder. Once the batteries reach the 25% level, the main beam flashes once. 10/30/60 min later, on High/Medium/Low respectively, it flashes twice and after another 10/30/60 min it flashes 3 times.

Operation While Charging: Maxxeon recommends turning the light off while charging, but if necessary, the light will operate in the Low setting while charging.



Sturdy: The rugged WorkStar® 900 MAXXBEAM™ commercial grade professional LED work light is designed for daily use by technicians in demanding shop, manufacturing and maintenance environments. The tough ABS and aluminum body, ABS wireless charging pad and nylon handle are virtually indestructible.

Reliability: The power switch is rated at 50,000 cycles and is sealed to avoid contamination by dirt and grit. MAXXBEAM™ uses the latest USB-C connector, which avoids needing to correctly orient the plug with the jack. The jacks are tested for 10,000 insertions. The bulb/LED is rated for over 50,000 hr.

Drop Testing: It's a fact, tools drop. WorkStar® 900 is tested for 10 ranndom drops from 3 ft, which is impressive for a product with a powerful zoom lens.

Ingress Protection: It's good to know that the MAXXBEAM™ is designed for real world conditions. It has an IP54 rating, meaning that it is dust and water resistant, including protection from rain, sprays and water splashing from all directions.

Impact Test: The impact rating is IK06, which means it can withstand hits of up to 1 Joule or about 0.75 ft-lbs.

Temperature Range: MAXXBEAM™ will work over the standard professional operating range of 15º to 105ºF.

Warranty: Our dealers will honor our over-the-counter 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What's in your toolbox? MAXXBEAM™ is the ideal cordless inspection light for HVAC and auto techs, as well as other trades like plumbers and electricians. With cutting edge features like 5X zoom lens and wireless inductive charging, put one in your toolbox.

Accessory: MaxxBar™

Together MaxxBeam™ and MaxxBar™ make the perfect vehicle hood lamp. MaxxBar™ has spring-loaded hood clamps, like ordinary hood lamps, but it easily separates into 2 pieces, so you can safely store it in your workbench. The rugged steel bar construction offers the perfect platform to magnetically mount one or two MaxxBeams™ to light up the engine bay. Buy MaxxBar™ (MXN10183)  $??

MAXXEON MXN10183 MaxxBar Photo

Accessory: Suction Cup

This sturdy suction cup screws into the 1/4"-20 socket in the nylon handle. It will securely fasten the WorkStar® 900 to smooth surfaces like glass. Buy Suction Cup (MXN10170)  $10.95

MAXXEON MXN10170 Suction Cup Photo

Accessory: Octopus Tripod

This flexible "octopus" mini tripod screws into the 1/4"-20 socket in the nylon handle. The legs can function like hooks to grip surfaces, like plastic pipes, that are otherwise difficult to mount the light. Buy Octopus Tripod (MXN10171)  $9.95

MAXXEON MXN10171 Tripod Photo

Replacement: Charger

Lost the charger? Order "Replacement 100/240VAC, 5VDC, 2A Adapter for WorkStar® 900 Work Light" (MXN10188) in Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON  $??

Photo of Replacement Charger for WorkStar® 900 Work Light

Replacement: USB-C Charging Cord

Need a charging cord? Order "Replacement 4ft long USB-C Charging Cord" (MXN10187) in Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON  $??

Photo of Replacement USB Cord
LED Brightness (Luminous Flux), Flood Beam Zoom High: 1200 lumens, Medium: 600 lumens, Low: 300 lumens
LED, Color, Power 1, Daylight White, 20 W
Zoom Lens As the bezel is rotated, the glass lens slides back and forth allowing you to focus the beam on your work area as necessary. The zoom adjusts 6X from a huge floodlight beam with no rings, shadows, or hot spots to an intense spot beam. The beam diameter to distance ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:6, meaning at 2 ft from an object, the maximum beam width is about 2 ft wide and the minimum beam width is about 4 in wide.
Power/Brightness Switch Sealed power switch cycles through Low-Medium-High-Off...
Batteries Included Two 3.7V 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable batteries are connected in parallel; USB recharging cord and wireless charging pad included
Run Time High: 2 hours, Medium: 4.5 hours, Low: 11 hours
Recharge Time 9 hours with wireless charging pad; 5 hours without charging pad
Operation During Charging The light should be turned off for charging, but if necessary, it may be operated in the Low setting while charging. The light will automatically limit itself to the Low setting, if it is on the High or Medium setting when connected to the charging cord or when placed on the wireless charging pad, in order to limit the battery temperature.
Battery Life and Charge Indicator 4 green LEDs work in 25% increments to show the battery level while in use and while charging
Charge Pad Indicator 1 LED: Red = Charging; Green = Charge Complete
Recharge Reminder Light flashes or flicks OFF/ON at the following rate and time: 1 flick when the battery drops to the 25% level; 2 flicks 10 min later on High, 30 min later on Medium or 60 min later on Low; 3 flicks 10 min later on High, 30 min later on Medium or 60 min later on Low. To put it another way, 1 flick @ 25%; 2 flicks at 10 min on High, 30 min on Medium and 1 hr on Low; and 3 flicks at 20 min on High, 1 hr on Medium and 2 hr on Low.
Charging Connector USB-C (newest jack and plug that do not need to be correctly oriented)
Body Material ABS plastic
Magnetic Base Built into the base of the handle is a powerful magnet with a protective covering.
Tripod Socket Built into the base of the handle is a standard camera 1/4"-20 tripod socket, which is the mounting point for the optional octopus tripod stand and the optional suction cup
Handle The handle rotates 360 degrees with 12 indented positions. It can be used as a handle, a stand, or the built in magnet can be fastened to ferrous metal surfaces so the light can be aimed. It is also the mounting point for the optional octopus tripod stand and the optional suction cup.
Length 4-5/8 in (111 mm); with handle: 5-1/4 in (134 mm); charging pad:5-1/2" (140 mm)
Width 2-13/16 in (71 mm); with handle: 3-3/8 in (86 mm); charging pad: 3-9/16" (91 mm)
Thickness 1-3/8 in (35 mm); including zoom lens: 2-1/8 in (55 mm); charging pad:9/16"/1-14" (14/31 mm)
Weight 14.7 ounces (417 grams)
Temperature 15º to 105ºF (-10º to +40ºC)
Ingress Protection IP54 = water resistant, i.e., protection from rain, sprays and splashing of water in all directions. But not waterproof, do not immerse in liquids.
Impact Test IK06 = 2 J
Drop Test 3 ft (1 m)
Included WorkStar® 900 work light, wireless charging pad, 4 ft (1.2 m) USB-C charging cord and 2A USB wall adapter
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects
Prop 65 Complies with California Proposition 65
UNSPSC code 39111610 Flashlight
Barcode 629203009001
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$10.95  Suction Cup MXN10170
$9.95  Octopus Tripod MXN10171